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On February 1, 2014, the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) comes into effect, requiring businesses across the Eurozone and beyond to comply in order to successfully make payments in Euros locally and across borders. Though businesses have been aware of the changes for a long time, many have been slow to adopt. Experian is uniquely placed to address this slow adoption, by using its own data to create a big number (€22bn in fines) to associate with the failure of businesses to comply with SEPA.


The ignorance of this problem, however, meant that raising awareness around this issue was as much of the challenge as highlighting Experian’s ability to address it. ION was enlisted to coordinate a European campaign around the issue and develop content, including byline articles for both business and banking audiences, that could be disseminated across the group of five ION agencies. Each agency tailored the content to their country-needs so it became relevant and authentic to these local audiences.


Results: Experian’s €22bn figure and its expert analysis was central to the high levels of coverage across Europe, with local insight deepening the conversation. Over 110 pieces of key trade and banking industry coverage were achieved in titles including Der Treasurer, Computer Weekly, Treasury Today, Deutsche Zeitung, CFO News, Technologies Bancaire, and Global Banking and Finance. The success of the campaign led Experian to extend the programme to cover the period running up to the Feb 1st 2014 deadline. The internal PR team won two global Experian awards in 2013 for the programme. Additionally, one European payment body said if they met the Experian executive responsible they would shake his hand for raising awareness so highly!